Media Production & Engineering


We successfully manage projects nationwide providing an extensive range of services – from large single-source turnkey installations to small system upgrades. It is our integrated approach to AVL systems that allow us to consistently create relevant and powerful communication podiums for all our clients.


MP&E has only one focus.... Helping you create a spectacular event. 



MP&E is a leading provider of audio, video, lighting, effects, and control systems and services for a wide range of markets.


Rental Service

Audio,Video & Light gear.
What you need.
Delivered. Installed



We have a dedicated team of installation professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience that help bring ideas to life.


- Sound Systems

- Lighting

- Video Systems

- And, More....


Idea, Design, Ready, Set, Build.


MP&E Have been commissioning every kind of audio installation known. Our specialists have consulted with over 200+ of churches and buildings. We pride ourselves in giving the right advice at the right price.


Keeping up with audio technology is paramount, so all of our audio installations are quoted and specified using the latest audio and visual equipment.