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May 18, 2016



 ITALY대표 프로 오디오 종합 메이커로 50년이 넘는 역사를 자랑하는 FBT Audio를 소개해 드립니다.






FBT 는 1963년에 창업한 회사로, 선명하고 조화롭고 명확한 소리 구현을 위한 품질 향상을 목표로 고도의 전문적 오디오 제품을 디자인, 생산함으로 듣는 사람들의 마음과 영혼에 감명 주는 것이 가능하게 되었습니다. FBT 는 현재 국내 및 국제적으로도 최고의 기술력을 가지고 있습니다. 전문 오디오 정비부터 음향시스템 설치나 악기유통부분에 이르기 까지 오랫동안 고도의 다양한 경험을 바탕으로 이탈리아 시장의 Pearl, Sabian, JTS 나 Crafter 등 탑 브랜드 마케팅에 집중하고 있습니다.


In the beginning, it was a simple artisan workshop 





100% MADE IN ITALY를 고집하는 명품 브랜드로 세계 100여 개국에 수출됩니다. 생산 체인은 전적으로 ITALY 현지 FBT공장에서 관리하고 있는 연구, 디자인, 전자 부문, 플라스틱 조형분야, 목공, 기계공정, 페인트 공정 및 테스트 공정등 모든 것을 포함된 하나의 구조 부터 애프터 서비스 보고까지 모든 단계를 이탈리아에서 진행하고 있습니다.






고도로 특화된 공학기술과 오디오에 대한 새로운 길을 개척하고자 하는 열정을 통해 다년에 걸쳐 구축된 광대한 노하우는 FBT 를 최고 품질의 전문 오디오 시스템을 실현하게 했습니다.

FBT 전문가팀은 가장 적합하고 혁신적인 소재를 선택하고 최고 수준의 첨단 음향 및 전자 기술을 지속적으로 제공합니다.

계속되는 쇄신, 지속적인 진화속에서도 처음의 출발점이었던 음악에 대한 열정과 전통을 절대 잊지 않습니다.




AMICO 10USB is a completely integrated, ready-wired sound system offering a convenient plug and play solution for Houses of Worship, schools, conference halls, DJ sets, sports centers and small musical groups performing live in small to medium sized venues.The mixer amplification, a 15” subwoofer and three PWM processed amplifiers are contained in a single ultra lightweight, yet extremely sturdy polypropylene enclosure.


3 Class D power amplifiers with switch mode power supplies to power the subwoofer and the two satellite speakers


Built-in mixing console with 6 x XLR mic inputs with phantom power supply, 2 x mono inputs and 4 x stereo input channels, 3-band EQ, 99 selectable digital effects with effects send and return controls

USB input/output to play back music programs/ files from a computer or to record from the master audio output of the AMICO 10USB to a computer – recording program


-견적 및 문의-


▶ EVO2MaxX



Additional options are also available for extending low frequency response in the shape of the 15” subwoofer Evo2MaxX 9Sa or the SUBLine 12Sa, 15Sa and 18Sa, all of which boast birch plywood enclosures with 12”, 15” band-pass and 18” reflex designs respectively.


-견적 및 문의-


▶ HiMaxX


 FBT establishes a reference point on the scenario of 12” and 15” sound reinforcement polypropylene enclosures, introducing performance and technical content of an impressive standard.


-견적 및 문의-


▶ J


The new J series is a technologically advanced range of products that improves on the performance of the previous Jolly line.  The new J series is a competitive, value for money range of speakers.


-견적 및 문의-




A comprehensive range of both powered and passive line arrays, 2-way speakers, subwoofers and low profile stage monitors.


-견적 및 문의-





A true line array system encompassing advanced technology and refined Italian engineering – these are the principles behind MUSE, a new sound reinforcement solution from FBT that redefines the modern line array in terms of power, size, light weight, flexibility and ease of use. True modularity means that MUSE is ready for any application, from a small installation using two enclosures to a large outdoor concert deploying 16 speakers per hang.


Precision coverage vertical active array
600W + 300W RMS – 135dB SPL

  • 2-way, compact bass-reflex line array system

  • Two 250mm (10”) woofers with 64mm (2.5”) voice coils

  • Two custom B&C HF compression drivers with 25mm (1”) throats

  • Precision waveguide delivering 90° of horizontal dispersion up to 18Khz

  • Frequency response from 55Hz to 20KHz

  • Onboard Class-D bi-amp system delivering 600Wrms and 300Wrms for LF and HF with switch-mode power supplies

  • Onboard DSP processor with 8 EQ presets, adjustable HF level of +/- 5db for accurate amplitude shading

  • Control panel with XLR input and link, preset control, HF level control, HP-filter and ground lift

  • Strong birch plywood cabinet with integrated aluminum handles, hardware and fly-ware offering adjustable angling ranging from 0° to 10° in 2° increments

  • Wide range of accessories to offer ultimate flexibility no matter whether your MUSE line array system is suspended or ground-stacked, plus a specially designed cover to guard against bad weather


- 견적 및 문의 - 


▶ ProMaxX


The ProMaxX Series 2-way speakers feature a sophisticated cabinet design that increases low frequency SPL and virtually eliminates undesired resonance. A custom FBT horn design provides improved projection, accuracy and uniform dispersion of the mid high and high


-견적 및 문의-




▶ StageMaxX


FBT’s new StageMaxX 12Ma has been inspired by the need to have a product specifically designed and engineered for use as stage monitor, overcoming all these compromises for a full user satisfaction.









  • Low profile and aesthetic elegance

  • Compact size

  • Frequency response studied for stage monitor applications

  • High headroom before feedback

  • High sound quality

  • Great power and dynamics

  • Symmetric dispersion

  • Aligned LF and HF acoustic centers

  • Easy handling on stage

  • Lightweight

  • Heavy-duty polypropylene cabinet


​- 가격문의 -


▶ SUBLine


  • The SUBLINE series consists of 12Sa, 15Sa, 18Sa and 218Sa active subwoofers, and a passive

  • model 18S, built in birch 5/8” plywood with scratch & scuff resistant paint finish.

  • Aimed to extend the low frequency response to a wide range of FBT speaker systems.

  • Designed in 18” bass-reflex, 15” and 12” band-pass.

  • They have Class D amplifiers, switch mode power supply and Digital Signal Processor with presets to match any other FBT speaker.

  • IN/OUT stereo, it is possible to use only one subwoofer with Left and Right satellites.

Additional optional wheels, ergonomic integrated carrying handles and light cabinet allow an easy transport.


- 견적 및 문의 -




FBT VERTUS CLA was created with the thought of integrating professional line array technology in an extremely compact and elegant speaker column.


- 견적 및 문의 - 



The new Verve Speakers Series features birch plywood enclosures with a scratch resistant textured paint finish, entirely ‘Made in Italy’ and offers outstanding performance at competitive prices.


Available in 5 bi-amplified active, 5 passive models and 2 coaxial bi-amplified stage monitors.


To extend the low frequency response, VERVE speakers can be matched with FBT SUBLine subwoofers, available in 12’’, 15’’ e 18’’ models.


- 견적 및 문의 -



FBT Audio와 MPNE LLC가 함께합니다.

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